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Hello. My full name is Juan Carlos "JCAB" Arevalo Baeza (if you're wearing a suit, then that's Mr. Arevalo for you. Otherwise, it's just plain JCAB - pronounced Jaykab, or Juan Carlos, if you are able to pronounce it).

For all those of you who don't have a clue about who the heck I am, it should suffice to say thet I'm Spanish, about 30 and that my main interest is computer programming. Also, you might be interested to know that I'm currently working for a computer game company called Ronin Entertainment. I work there as Senior Programmer of Technology. That is 3D, sound and any other technology I can. I design and write many of the engines that all our software (games, tools, etc) relies on.

For those of you who know what the demoscene is, then: yes, I'm the JCAB of the demogroup Iguana.

For those of you who don't know, I feel really sorry for you! Go find out! You can start here.

This set of pages are meant to be a repository of thoughts, ideas, comments, reviews, articles and any other thing I happen to include here. You can expect programming info here, as well as any other thing that interests me. Your comments/suggestions/ideas/corrections are very welcome. Your flames will be dumped into the garbage can with the SHIFT key pressed (for those of you who don't know, in Windows, deleting files with the SHIFT key pressed deletes them forever, instead of sending them to the trashcan - useful, huh?)

If you want to put a link to this set of pages or to a page in particular in your own website, go ahead. It's just being nice if you tell me about it, so that I know. Also, if you want to be mentiones, just convince me that it's a really cool thing. I won't do any commercial stuff here (i.e. no stinking ad requests, please)

Of course, I'm also learning HTML on the side. This whole thing was done the hard way: using Microsoft Visual Studio (that's just HTML as color-coded text files).

Oh! And, being Spanish, you'll notice that my English is quite polished (as is customary for non-natural English speakers - we don do no really unproper stuff, ya now?) but possibly lacking depth. Your comments are also welcome.

Comment about art: this is a programmer writing. Don't expect extremely cool design here. Any images you see are either Ronin images, stock images or programmer art. I think it shows, doesn't it?

So... go ahead. Browse the pages, and have fun.

BTW: Don't you like this smiley? (sorry, I just couldn't resist)


All trademarked things I mention here are TM by their respective owners. If you are one of those owners and want to be specifically mentioned, please, contact me and I'll include it.

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